The Health Benefits Of Eating Baby Carrots Regularly

A recent study shows that eating baby carrots as a snack three times a week significantly increased skin carotenoids in young adults. Higher skin carotenoid levels are associated with better antioxidant protection, reduced risk of chronic diseases and improved skin & immune health.

In the study, 60 young adults were divided into groups that received either Granny Smith apple slices (control), 100 grams of baby carrots, a multivitamin with beta carotene, or a combination of baby carrots and the supplement over four weeks. Carotenoid levels were measured before and after.

Results showed a 10.8% increase in skin carotenoids in the baby carrot group and a 21.6% increase in the group receiving both carrots and the supplement, while no change was observed in the apple or supplement-only groups. The study suggests that combining baby carrots with a beta-carotene supplement enhances carotenoid absorption.

The researchers plan to investigate the absorption mechanisms and the effects of other carotenoid-rich foods.

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