• We ask that you come to our office, if possible, to meet face to face, establish needs, and go over any questions on either end.
  • Also, at this time we will go over the cost and the one time startup fee. The startup amount will depend on the number of providers in your practice.
  • This fee is given directly to our software provider for a license(s) so we are able to enter your data into the software.
  • Once a contract is established, we will:
    – Have your practice notify all insurance companies of the billing company change
    – Set up your practice in our Practice Management system
    – Get started on enrolling your practice with our clearinghouse
  • If needed, we will complete additional set up processes, like patient credit cards and access to the Sharefile database.

IMBS has a well-trained staff that takes care of each issue as it arises. We do our best to help resolve all problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have a HIPAA compliant shared online database, called Sharefile, which your Practice would have a dedicated folder in. We would set you up with access to that folder to upload charge sheets, Insurance Correspondence and any other miscellaneous things our office would need. It allows you to see what you have uploaded to ensure nothing is forgotten or sent twice.

We also have a weekly courier service for local providers, to transport this information, if needed.

The monthly fee is based on a percentage of receivables collected. There are a couple of options, depending on how you’d like to be billed. That and the exact percentage are discussed in the initial face to face meeting.

Yes, we provide outstanding customer support where the patient will get a live professional and never have to be directed through an automated system. We represent ourselves as your practice’s billing department, which is the most efficient way to ensure that all billing inquiries are directed to IMBS. How many times have you called a support line or tried to pay a bill online, only to receive an automated message on the other end, and became frustrated that you had to go through several steps to talk to a real person? Software can’t show empathy and it can’t have a conversation with people. Patients need that interaction and at IMBS, we provide just that. A real person who can help.

All Staff at IMBS have received HIPAA Training. We ensure all protected patient information is kept confidential. All calls are screened to ensure we are speaking with the responsible party for each account.

  • Here at IMBS we have a dedicated team of specialists that have one purpose….To increase the profitability of your practice. We have an efficient workflow and we work closely with your staff to ensure proper billing and workflow is running smoothly. What was once a straightforward task handled by in-house staff, is now more complex than ever and continues to become more and more sophisticated.
  • Direct financial savings comes from distributing our expenses across the entire client base. We can operate at a lower cost than a single practice and we pass the savings on to our providers. Since we hire the best staff possible, you pay less for the same and often see higher collection percentages. In addition to higher returns and lower cost (IE: overhead, staff insurance, hardware) you also save on time, stress and office space.
  • Billing in healthcare is changing at a high, unpredictable rate. Keeping up with the rules and requirements is a fulltime task. CPT codes and ICD10 codes change yearly and most practices do not have time to keep up with these changes. IMBS does all that for you. As experienced medical billers, we can reduce billing errors to ensure claims are accurate.
  • Consistency is key to proper workflow. If your billing staff is out sick or on vacation, the flow is interrupted. At IMBS, we are on a strict schedule. Claims are filed timely and we have a vast knowledge base to keep things running smoothly. Backups are in place to ensure work gets done regardless of who is out sick.
  • Cashflow is our #1 priority. Your claims days spent in A/R can significantly affect your bottom line. At IMBS we have protocols in place to work the A/R as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated A/R Team leader that oversees the progress our billers are making with the outstanding accounts and helps deal with difficult denials and appeals. Our billers spend countless hours on payer websites and the phones speaking to insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Your time is valuable. Let IMBS deal with the ins and outs of the insurance world. We are your back office and we are part of your practice. We are responsive to your needs and strive to alleviate any administrative burdens.

EMDs is what we offer our new clients, as we have an in house server to host the software. We also use eClinicalworks for a few practices that host their own servers. We have used several other systems in the past and are familiar with numerous billing softwares.

We provide billing services for many different specialties, including Pediatrics, Family Practice, Mental Health, Nursing Home, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Sleep Studies and more.

Yes, you will get assigned an account representative at IMBS that takes charge of your account. However, we are all cross trained and anyone who answers the phone will be able to answer most questions when you or your patients call.