Fruits And Vegetables As A Prescription To Boost Heart Health

The age-old wisdom of “food as medicine” is being proven true in a revolutionary study that shows how a how a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can work wonders for heart health for individuals combating diet-related diseases.

The study involved offering participants monthly vouchers to buy fresh produce, leading to significant health improvements, particularly in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels for individuals with hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes.

The success of these produce prescriptions is evident through significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure for individuals with hypertension, and notable drops in A1C levels, crucial for diabetes management. Participants described life-changing experiences, reporting increased energy and reduced reliance on medications due to the positive effects of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

The movement towards “food as medicine” gains traction as health experts recognize the pivotal role of nutrition in disease prevention and management. While produce prescription programs offer short-term benefits, sustained support is crucial for long-term health benefits, akin to continuous pharmaceutical regimens, aiming to make food as medicine a covered benefit for those in need, promising a healthier future in the ongoing battle against diet-related diseases.

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