Ginger Has Many Proven Health Benefits

Scientists have known about the healing properties of ginger for centuries. It may look odd, but it does everything from fighting cancer, boosting immunity and promoting healthy aging and weight loss.

Ginger root is also cheap and easy to find and can be consumed in drinks or added to your food.

One active component of ginger, 6-Gingerol, is great at reducing inflammation which, as a chronic problem, can accelerate aging and can trigger weight gain and high blood pressure.

Ginger can assist in protecting your body from gum bacteria like gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as having anti-viral capabilities.

When used with other supplements, ginger can help promote weight loss and lowering body fat. It also helps fight aging, can help lower blood sugar to help reverse diabetes; ginger can reduce joint pain and reverse osteoarthritis.

And the anti-tumorigenic gingerol compound in ginger can be effective in controlling the growth of several types of cancer cells, from ovarian and prostate to liver and skin, as well as alleviating chemotherapy side effects.

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