Great Plants To Grow That Will Keep The Mosquitoes Away

When the weather gets hot, the mosquitoes come out. Mosquito repellents come with chemicals and other additives, along with containers that often contribute to plastic waste. But, there are several plants that will help keep mosquitoes away.

Lemon balm will help attract the good bugs, like pollinators, while deterring mosquitoes. Peppermint will not only keep them away, peppermint oil will actually kill their larvae and crushing the leaves and applying them to your skin will help keep mosquitoes from coming near you.

Basil is great to have for your kitchen, but it will keep away mosquitoes and a chemical in the leaves will also kill larvae. Lavender can help calm you and even more so when you realize it keeps the mosquitoes away. Lavender oil is another great skin application to keep you safe from mosquitoes.

Everybody has seen citronella candles, the problem is that chemicals released in the smoke is bad for your pets. Grow citronella grass for a muck more effective and safe alternative.

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