Great Ways To Cut Down On Food Waste

Cutting down on food waste can help save energy & resources in farming, packaging and shipping, as well as cutting down on the production of methane that comes from food rotting in landfills.

Over-buying and impulse buying – especially fresh food that may go bad before you can eat it – can lead to food waste. Buy only what you need and buy frozen or canned foods if you need to buy in bulk.

An organized refrigerator, with the perishable items at the front, can help you make sure you use up what is closest to the expiration date.

Sell by dates don’t always mean the food is bad. Check for changes in smell, color and texture to make sure an out-of-date product really needs to be thrown out.

Meal kits can help by providing the perfect portion size and portioning the food you eat can also help prevent waste from tossing out leftovers.

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