Great Ways To Support Sober Friends Over The Holidays

Many holiday celebrations include alcoholic drinks, but this can be difficult for those who don’t drink. There are many ways to be supportive and make your sober friends and family feel included.

Offering non-alcoholic alternatives are a great way to feel like a part of the celebration. They won’t be toasting with a glass of water or mug of coffee. Zero-proof alcohols are perfect for making tasty non-alcoholic cocktails.

Saying ‘no’ to an offer of alcohol may be tough for people trying to stay sober. Putting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer can help someone who might otherwise accept an alcoholic drink just to be polite.

If someone is staying sober, whether as a recovering alcoholic or for health, they may be uncomfortable answering questions about not drinking alcohol. Someone’s reasons for staying sober are not your concern, so don’t ask.

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