How One Photo Changed The Life Of A Paralyzed Man In India

69-year-old N. S. Rajappan is a paralyzed man living in Kerala, India. Paralyzed by polio as a child, he drags himself to the Meenachil River and rows a boat around collecting plastic bottles. The bottles only net him enough to buy a single meal, but Rajappan likes knowing that his work helps the environment.

One day, a young engineer with a rented camera, Nandu Ks, took a photo of Rajappan on the river with a boatful of bottles. Uploading the photo to social media, it soon went viral. Even the Indian Prime Minister took note and soon Indians from all over were sending gifts to Rajappan.

Since he gained his notoriety, Rajappan has received a new motorboat and a replacement is being built for his riverside shack that was damaged in a storm. He has even become good friends with his photographer, Nandu.

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