It Might Be Time To Stop Using Gummy Vitamins

Many people have gotten tired of taking multiple pills every day and have turned to gummy vitamins for their supplements. But getting your vitamins from gummies may not be the best idea.

Turns out that it’s a lot harder to make a consistent gummy vitamin product. Companies often have a tough time controlling the exact amount of vitamins in each gummy.

Some companies will spray their gummies with extra vitamins and nutrients to bring them up to the required levels. Other gummies have a problem with shelf life and may lose potency over time. This leads other companies to over-saturate their gummies with extra vitamins so that you may be getting a larger dose than advertised.

Lastly, many companies add sugar to their vitamin gummies, which may run counter to what you need when taking vitamins.

Many experts believe that the best way to ensure you are getting your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients is through natural, unprocessed foods.

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