Live Longer By Adding Less Salt To Your Food

In some cultures, it’s polite not to season your food at restaurants or friends’ homes, as a sign of respect to the chef. It can also be healthier. A recent study found that those who don’t regularly add salt to their food live longer. Men who always added salt reduced their lifespan by two years, while women lost 1.5 years.

The study is the first to assess the relationship between adding salt to food and premature death. It showed a 28% increased risk of early death for those who always added salt. Researchers accounted for variables like sex, age, smoking, and exercise.

Experts suggest that while it’s easy to advise against smoking or excessive drinking, salt consumption is more nuanced. Normal salt intake isn’t a concern, but those who add salt to every meal should increase their vegetable and fruit intake. People at risk of heart disease should consider cutting out salt entirely.

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