Lowering Salt Intake Can Lower Blood Pressure Better Than Medicine

A recent study reveals that even those who are already on blood pressure medication can further lower their blood pressure by reducing their salt intake. Consuming one less teaspoon of salt per day resulted in a systolic blood pressure decline comparable to the effect achieved with medications.

The research, one of the largest investigating the effect of reducing salt in the diet on blood pressure, included participants with hypertension already on medications. Using a randomized controlled trial, the study demonstrated that 70 to 75 percent of individuals, whether on blood pressure medications or not, could see a reduction in blood pressure by lowering sodium intake.

The recommended daily sodium intake by the American Heart Association is less than 1,500 milligrams, and the study aimed to decrease it even further. The research suggests that the blood pressure-lowering effect of dietary salt reduction can be achieved rapidly and safely within one week, providing individuals with immediate choices to lower their blood pressure.

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