Make Your Thanksgiving Celebration More Eco-Friendly

Few people consider the environmental cost of Thanksgiving while they’re enjoying the holiday. Choosing eco-friendly options won’t interrupt the festivities, but could help lower food waste and carbon emissions.

Meal planning can help stave off waste, from being deliberate about how much you make to repurposing leftovers to make broths and casseroles. Repurposing can also come into play when decorating by using gourds and pumpkins still around after Halloween.

Purchasing turkeys locally will often give you a chemical-free bird that was bred ethically, prioritizing animal welfare. For families who have mixed diets, turkey alternatives like fish can provide a great stand-in.

Making the most of your freezer space is another way to combat waste by portioning and freezing leftovers for quick meals and saving vegetable stems for making broth at a later date.

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