Meet Three People Who Work With Nature

These three women have made a career that is both rewarding and challenging and are working to protect the environment.

Carolina Pinto is a Brent Rivers and Communities Officer at Thames 21 who works to improve local waterways both for people and for wildlife. She restores river habitats for fish as well as monitoring water quality and biodiversity. She also engages with the community to teach others about their local waterways.

Georgie Bray manages Hope Farm, where she helps lead the way in wildlife-friendly agriculture. Her job entails doing research and providing for the wildlife. She has also helps make the soil healthier.

Gala Bailey-Barker is a farmer at Plaw Hatch Farm, where she practices biodynamic farming while caring for sheep and chickens. The farm relies on the animals to fertilize the ground and uses their crops to feed the animals. She also oversees the birthing of lambs in the spring.

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