Mimic The Effects Of Fasting By Drinking Kombucha

Researchers have discovered that the microbes present in kombucha, a fermented drink, induce changes in fat metabolism in the gut and intestines similar to those observed during fasting periods.

During fasting, biological processes responsible for cellular cleanup and repair operate without interference from metabolic systems. The study investigated how kombucha microbes affect the gut microbiome, revealing alterations in gene expression related to fatty acid metabolism.

In an animal model, colonization of the gut by kombucha microbes led to changes in gene expression favoring the breakdown of fats and reducing the formation of triglycerides. Remarkably, these changes in genetic expression mirror those observed in individuals undergoing fasting. This suggests that the metabolic effects induced by kombucha microbes resemble those of fasting.

The findings challenge modern dietary concepts like “three square meals” and emphasize the benefits of fasting observed in ancestral human populations. Fasting promotes cellular repair, apoptosis (cell death), and shifts metabolism towards utilizing energy stores in muscle tissue through glycolysis. By promoting fat utilization for energy rather than storage, kombucha microbes mimic the metabolic effects of fasting.

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