Patient Statements

Something to Think About: Take a look at the statements going out to patients in your practice. Chances are they have 30, 60, 90 and 120 days past due columns on them. It has been suggested that showing those columns on the patient statements lets them know how long you are willing to carry their balance. Some patients will assume that the payment is not really late until it gets into that 120 days past due column, so until then, they ignore the bill. Think about other bills they might receive throughout the month. Their cable bill doesn’t give them a breakdown of their outstanding balance. These types of statements expect payment in full, immediately, or there would be consequences. They get the bill; it says to pay right now, so they pay it. If your Practice changed the way the statements went out, it might change the way your patients view their bills. Think about omitting the outstanding balance columns and just have a “Balance Due” or, have a “Balance Due” for the current balance and an “Outstanding Balance” for any past due amount so they know their payment is late. These small changes could have a considerable effect on your bottom line.