Some Foods That May Surprise You Are Actually Good For You

Scientists have found that beer in moderation can actually help benefit gut health. There are several other formerly ‘bad-for-you’ foods like pizza, popcorn and chocolate that have surprising benefits for your health.

Popcorn is high in fiber, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Making popcorn from scratch and going light on the butter/oil can actually be beneficial.

Easily broken down carbs in potatoes can cause blood sugar to spike, but letting your potatoes cool before eating them can turn the carbs into more slowly digestible starch, a prebiotic that can help support healthy gut bacteria.

Dairy milk contains something that plant-based alternatives don’t: iodine. Not getting enough iodine can lead to a low functioning thyroid, which leads to weight gain, tiredness and brain fog.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains flavonoids that combat toxins and help prevent cancer and inflammation. It’s important to get chocolate that is free of palm oil and low in sugar.

Pizza cooked from scratch can be healthy for you, as well as a great way to incorporate vegetables in your kids’ diets. The fermentation process of making your own dough helps pre-digest the flour, making it easier on your gut and preventing blood sugar spikes.

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