Talking To Your Children About COVID-19

Your children have surely heard about COVID-19: from you, from friends, from the news and television. When they ask you questions about the coronavirus, here are some helpful tips on how to respond.

First, be prepared. Do your own research so you know what is factual and what is anecdotal. Talk to other adults about your own fears, so when you talk to your kids you are calm. Give your children the basic facts, as they do not need to be inundated with every little thing about COVID-19.

Second, have a conversation with your children. Sit them down, ask them what they have heard and correct any incorrect information they may have gotten. Explain to them ways to stay healthy, e.g. regular hand-washing, disinfecting public surfaces they may come in contact with, using hand sanitizer and social distancing.

Third, keep life normal. Avoid scaring your children by keeping things as close to normal as possible. Reiterate what you’ve told them about the coronavirus to make them feel safe. If sheltering at home orders are in place, create structure to help your children feel more secure.

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