Why Your Nose Runs When You Eat Spicy Food

Some people like spicy food and some people don’t. But did you ever wonder why eating spicy food causes your nose to start running?

Eating spicy food causes your body to produce fluid in your eyes, nose, throat, stomach and even your intestines. This is to help your body flush out the heat. This can also occasionally lead to diarrhea.

Capsaicin is the compound in hot peppers that causes the feeling of heat, as well as causing your blood vessels to dilate, your skin to turn red and your body heat to rise. Capsaicin is also, surprisingly, useful as a painkiller. There’s even a capsaicin patch that can relieve pain for several weeks.

There are many other ways that spicy foods can be a benefit to your body and health, from lowering mortality rates to preventing certain types of mutations linked to cancer.

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