With Teen Anxiety On The Rise, How Can You Help?

The last couple years have strained everyone due to the stress, isolation and uncertainty from COVID lockdowns and pandemic fears. However, teens have been particularly affected, with anxiety disorders and depression on the rise. There are several identifiable causes, from social media and toxic happiness to societal and cultural changes.

Social media has given people a way to ignore problems, leading to less resilience and poorer coping mechanisms, as well as unrealistic body image standards.

Toxic happiness involves telling children that they can or should be happy all the time, leading to many younger people suppressing emotions that don’t fit the unrealistic goal of happiness 24-7.

And, with the many changes going on in our world, both culturally and societally, many teens are feeling unsure or pressured and worrying that they are now keeping up with other teens.

Let’s all try to be more understanding of the next generation and give them all the help we can in overcoming their fears and anxieties.

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